Achromatic refractors

Achromatic Refractors

Achromatic refractors are two-lens systems and already offer a good sharpness and also a quite good contrast. The construction makes these refractors to very good beginner telescopes.

An achromat is the first telescope for many astronomy beginners. This type of telescope convinces by an easy handling and a decent optical performance in the sky. With an achromatic refractor you can also do day observation, landscape photography and also astrophotography very well.

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Bresser 5" Refractor with new Hexafoc Focuser.
306.72 €
Fast 5" achromat for widefield observing.
385.71 €
6" achromat f/7.9 with new Hexafoc Focuser for Moon and Planetary observation.
520.17 €
Fast 6" achromat with f/5 and improved correction with 4 lenses.
528.57 €
Bresser 102 mm Refractor with all new Hexafoc Focuser.
226.05 €
Short Bresser 102 mm Achromat with new Hexafoc Focuser.
226.05 €
Ambitious beginners and advanced observers alike will see the brightest objects outside our solar system with the MESSIER AR-102xs.
226.05 €
Ambitious beginners and advanced observers alike will see the finest details of our Moon and Planets with the BRESSER Messier AR-102L telescope.
234.45 €
A refractor with 150mm aperture and good imaging properties for an affordable price
642.86 €
Two-element, air-spaced achromatic refractor, that is a well proven performer for "rich-field" views  
226.05 €
Powerful and lightweight rich field Refractor by Skywatcher with 120 mm aperture
390.76 €
Wide field telescope for observations of galaxies and nebulae
637.82 €