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Do you want to look up at the sky with your own telescope? Then our entry-level telescopes are just the thing for curious, interested, beginners and advanced users!

No matter whether with the small Refractor, the larger Newton or a GoTo-controlled Maksutov: Here you will find telescopes and suitable accessories for your successful Star and Planet hunt!

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APM Deluxe Diagonal Mirror 2"
125.00 €
The GSD 12" f/5 Dobsonian - a large Dobson from GSO with high "Deep Sky Performance"

1099.00 €
Die Starscope Teleskopserie ist die Empfehlung von Teleskop Service für den Start in die Astronomie. Dieses Spiegelfernrohr mit 130 mm Öffnung bietet eine enorme Lichtsammelfähigkeit.
266.00 €