Autoguider Systems

Guiding Systems

Modern technology makes astrophotography with long exposure times easy. Guiding systems are used to keep the object exactly on the sensor. Either as a autoguider on a guide scope or using an off-axis guider in the primary light path. You can find both systems here.

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The QHY5-III series camera is a USB3.0 super-speed camera with a Guide Port. It still uses the same standard 1.25-inch eyepiece adapter and has an adjustable location ring for confocality with an eyepiece. The QHY5-III comes in a very small but powerful package!
768.00 €
Also suitable for all TSOAG9EOS which have been sold from July 2018
29.00 €
LACERTA M-GEN-3 Stand Alone Autoguider
... Autoguiding without Computer
729.00 €
Moravian Autoguider G0-300 - lightweight - with high sensivity
417.00 €
G1-0300 ultralightweight cooled Autoguider - high sensitivity
473.00 €
Moravian CCD Camera COLOR - Sony Sensor 8,8mm diameter - 4,4µm pixels
699.00 €
Moravian monochrome CCD camera, 6mm Sony sensor, 3.75µm Pixel
589.00 €
Moravian CCD Camera MONO - Sony Sensor 8,8mm diameter - 4,4µm pixels
759.00 €
The SynGuider can guide an equatorial mount without the help of a PC or Laptop
365.00 €
Best value for money, compact Flip Mirror Unit by Skywatcher for convenient focusing and centering.
94.00 €
Skywatcher Adapter to use cameras with 1.25" nosepiece with the Skywatcher Flip Mirror.
22.00 €
Extremely low profile Off Axis Guider (9mm).
165.00 €