Barlow Lenses

Barlow lenses are an important tool to vary the magnification range of your telescope. If the telescope has a short focal length, you can still use a Barlow lens to achieve high magnifications (e.g. on the moon, the planets). Barlow lenses can also be used very well for planetary photography.

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2 Inch Barlow with separat Barlow Element.
99.00 €
The new Skywatcher Premium 3x Barlow lens with 1.25" and T-mount camera adapter thread.
84.00 €
The new Skywatcher Premium 3x Barlow lens for 1.25" eyepieces.
88.00 €
40.00 €
Achromatic Barlow for visual and photographic use
44.00 €
A high quality Barlow lens for demanding visual and photographical use
75.00 €
The APO Barlow from TS combines good image quality with compact design
93.00 €
A short achromatic Barlow with different magnifications
34.00 €