Binoculars up to 30mm aperture

Binoculars up to 30mm

As a small, light hiking glass or when traveling; or as compact high-tech glass for animal observation and for a sky walk. These compact glasses are ultra transportable and available for any requirement.

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The APM-MS-6x30 binoculars in classic design with BAK4 Poro prisms impress with their excellent price/performance ratio.
163.87 €
These lightweight binoculars with a classic leather covering are the ideal companions for all those expecting a high level of optical performance, whether it is in nature or the city. 
735.29 €
The high performance compact binocular from Leica you will never miss.
651.26 €
High quality compact binocular you never want to miss!
626.05 €
Leica Binoculars Trinovid 10x25 BCA
461.34 €
Leica Binoculars Trinovid 8x20 BCA
419.33 €
The compact and waterproof 8 x 25 binoculars by Meopta for all your needs!
133.61 €
The compact binoviewer in the new Steiner UltraSharp series. With the visible extra magnification.
116.81 €
The smallest binocular in the new Steiner UltraSharp series. Faszinating sharpness even into the edge zones.
100.00 €
The powerful binoviewer in the new Steiner UltraSharp series. With Sport-Auto Focus.
184.03 €