Binoculars up to 50mm aperture

Binoculars up to 50mm

The standard size with universal suitability for most observation targets by day and night. Higher magnification models showing e.g. already the moons of Jupiter. For nature lovers, these glasses offer improved details and increased twilight performance.

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The powerful universal Binoculars for alle applications especially outdoor.
377.31 €
The powerful APM ED APO binoculars with 12 x magnification.
377.31 € 320.17 €
The new, lightweight APM ED APO 7 x 50  Binoculars 7 x 50 in Magnesium Housing.
331.93 € 281.51 €
APM Astro and Yachting Binocular 10x50 FMC Magnesium
293.28 €
Fujinon binoculars are well known among amateur astronomers. Besides the proven FMT-SX Fujinon lenses astronomy is now offering a "affordable" image-stabilized binoculars.
1214.29 €
Kowa BD II 6.5x32 XD wide-angle binoculars
335.29 €
Leica Binoculars Trinovid 10x42
957.14 €
Leica Binoculars Trinovid 8x42
915.13 €
Leica Binoculars Ultravid 10x32 HD-Plus
1731.09 €
Leica Binoculars Ultravid 10x42 HD-Plus
2000.00 €