Inexpensive Entry Level

If you want to get a taste of astronomy without obligation, you can get started without much financial effort. Small refractors and reflectors already show many celestial objects!

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A light-gathering and compact refractor telescope for sky observing, landscape and wildlife viewing.
119.00 €
The large mirror with a short focal length allows the observation of many celestial objects.
369.00 €
This classic 6-inch dobsonian from Guan Sheng Optics offers high optical performance at a low price
385.00 €
The Omegon 150/750 EQ-3 Newtonian Reflector is an ideal telescope for beginners in astronomy. This telescope features good optics and a very stable mount.
399.00 €
The Omegon 150/750 EQ-4 Newtonian reflector is an ideal telescope for first getting started in astronomy. 
449.00 €
A very nice telescope not only for beginners but also for children.
179.00 €
Sky-Watcher Infinity 76P - Mini Dobsonian
71.00 €
High quality 76 mm Newtonian Beginner Telescope.
129.00 €
Ideal for high power daytime terrestrial observations as well as astronomical use
269.00 €
Lightweight beginner and travelling telescope with 100 mm f/4 with parabolic primary mirror.
159.00 €
Interesting and versatile 114 mm Newtonian telescope on Autotracking table mount.
339.00 €
Interesting and versatile 90 mm Maksutov Cassegrain telescope on autotracking table mount.
349.00 €