Electronical Drivecontrollers

Electronical Drive Controls

A variety of different electronic control systems are available for every requirement. Most mounts can be equipped with GoTo and guiding features.

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Adapter to use the Telescope Drive Master with the SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6.
249.00 €
ERN 180 Encoder for TDM with Fornax and Gemini Mounts.
949.00 €
TDM Adapter for the 8-12" LX200 Classic Telescopes.
149.00 €
TDM Adapter for the Astro Physics 1200 Mounts.
299.00 €
TDM Adapter for the Celestron CGE pro mount.
359.00 €
Explore Scientific TDM Adapter for the Celestron CGEM Mount.
279.00 €
TDM Adapter for the EQ6 mount in the first version.
249.00 €
TDM Adapter for EQ6 Mounts in the newer Version.
189.00 €
Adapterset for TDM for Meade LX200ACF.
249.00 €
TDM Adapter for the HEQ5 Mounts.
199.00 €
TDM Adapter for Losmandy G11 Mounts.
369.00 €
TDM Adapter for Vixen GPDX , Celestron CAM and GT5 Mounts.
199.00 €