APM Eyepieces

APM Telescopes offers a whole series of Ultra Flat eyepieces. The focal lengths are staggered from 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm and 30mm. The FOV is 65° - the 30mm eyepiece has a FOV of 70° and a 2" connection. The FOV are clearly visible. The eyepiece series up to 24mm is ideal for large APM binoculars.

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Practical 7.5-22.5mm zoom eyepiece for telescopes with 1.25"/2" barrels.
170.00 €
Comfortable 20 mm 70° Crosshair Eyepiece.
104.00 €
High quality allround eyepiece with 60° apparent field of view for Deep Sky and Planets.
88.00 €
The new, extreme 13 mm Wide Angle Eyepiece by APM Telescopes with 100°.
269.00 €
The new, extreme 20 mm Wide Angle Eyepiece by APM with 100°.
299.00 €
APM HI-FW Eyepiece by APM: A perfect synthesis of a large field of view, edge definition, image quality and observation comfort!
295.00 €
Best price for a worthy 30 mm 80° eyepiece.
98.00 €
APM Okular-Set XWA 3.5mm, 5mm and 9mm
789.00 €
APM Okular-Set XWA 5mm, 9 mm and 20mm
789.00 €
APM Okular-Set XWA 9mm, 13mm and 20mm
815.00 €
The 1.25 "UltraFlat Field Eyepiece features a high quality standard and a very compact design, which is designed to remove the field curvature at the edge, resulting in a flat, distortion-free image up to the edge of the visible field of view.
89.00 €