Filter Wheels, Changers

Filter changing systems for manual, electrical or electronic control. Optimize your photo session with high-quality accessories in the light path.

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ALCCD Filterwheel for 5 x 2" Filter with Motor.
436.00 €
Omegon 1.25" Filter Wheel - change your filter in seconds
129.00 €
The new, robust and cheap 5 position Filterwheel for 1,25" Filter by Skywatcher.
80.00 €
Fast and secure filter change, optimal for astro imaging and visual observation
89.00 €
Allows changing filters within seconds by using the TS filter quick changer
39.00 €
Suitable for TS filter quick changer TSO-TSFEK36
29.00 €
Suitable for the TS filter quick changer TSO-TSFEK50
29.00 €
Filter exchange within seconds without having to remove camera or eyepiece
79.00 €
Fits directly to the M54 thread of CCD cameras e.g. by Atik or Moravian
89.00 €
Trouble-free filter change within a few seconds, all mounted 2" filters can be installed
59.00 €