Focuser & Accessories

Focusers and Accessories

A good focuser is just as important as the optics. Electronic focus control and precise mechanics are a must, especially for astrophotography. Here you will find a large selection of suitable "hardware".

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With this ring adapter you can use the TAL 150 Klevtsov or TAL 200 Klevtsov as an 2" Teleskop.
41.18 €
Integra 85 ? Camera Field Rotator 
1495.80 €
Protect your investment from dirt and dust with our new Feather Touch
41.18 €
The DDC-2 (2"Desiccant Dust Cap) was designed by Starlight Instruments, LLC to help you protect your telescope from harmful moisture
74.79 €
This Coma Corrector functions with Starlight Instruments finely crafted Feather Touch focuser and ...
1177.31 €