GoTo Telescopes

GoTo-Telescopes for Starters

These telescopes can already center and track objects automatically. Astrophotography is already possible with these devices, and they can also be extensively expanded.

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5" f/9.4 refractor for planets and moon on EXOS2 GOTO mount.
923.53 €
Fast 5" refractor with approved color correction on sturdy EXOS2 GOTO mount.
965.55 €
6" f/7.9 refractor for the planetary observer on EXOS2 GOTO mount.
1147.06 €
Fast 6" refractor with approved color correction on EXOS2 GOTO mount.
1189.08 €
A classic two-element, air-spaced, achromatic refractor with outstanding performance
1957.98 €
Powerful Beginner Newtonian Telescope with easily to use GoTo Mount.
461.34 €
Comfortable, powerful beginner telescope with GoTo.
410.92 €
562.18 €
A beautiful Beginner Telescope with enough Aperture on a GoTo Mount.
427.73 €
The new Skywatcher Explorer-300PDS Newton Reflector Telescope includes the same outstanding optics as the Explorer-300P Black Diamond series, but with two major improvements. 
2147.06 €
The PHOTON 8" F5 Newtonian reflector for observation and astrophotography on stable equatorial GoTo mount Celestron Advanced VX
1427.73 €