Lunt Solar Systems

Lunt Solar System

During the last years Lunt established as a manufacturer of a huge range of solar telescopes and solar filter systems. From the small Lunt LS35 beginners H-alpha telescope to the largest ever built LS230 you can choose from a wide selection of different variants and sizes. Furthermore you can get filter systems consisting of a front mounted etalon and a blocking filter to upgrade any refractor.

The small Lunt LS35 is perfect to start with this wonderful hobby of solar observation and you can take it with you at the next solar eclipse travel. Its 35 mm front etalon allows to watch all phenomenon on the sun. It shows prominences but also many details of the sun surface already in high resolution.

The large Lunt LS230 can show you all details in maximum resolution. With this telescope you can also visually observe the sun or take fantastic photos. Though a detailed sun observation has previously only possible professionals!

For a higher contrast many of the Lunt H-alpha telescopes can be double stacked with special modules. Normally a second etalon will be screwed onto the front of the solar telescope. For the Lunt LS80 you can get a special double stack module which will be placed at the end of the telescope, this modules currently will be developed for all other Lunt H-alpha telescopes.

Another opportunity is to observe the sun in the calcium wavelength. Also for this Lunt can deliver complete telescopes or special Cak-diagonals, called modules. The calcium wavelength for most people isn´t visible, so that systems are mainly interesting for the photography.

To upgrade existing refractors you can get filter systems in sizes from 35 mm to 100 mm and ERF energy rejection filter. Also you can get Herschel wedges in 1 ¼? or 2? for whitelight observation of the sun. To complete the program you can get a solar finder and a specially for solar observing made Lunt zoom eyepiece.

With the high quality and simple to use solar filter systems and telescopes from Lunt you will see the sun with new eyes!
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LuntSolarSystems - Solar Telescope LS60THa 60mm H-alpha, B600 blocking filter, Pressure Tuner and 2'' Feather Touch Focuser
3055.00 €
 High qualtiy 2" Herschelwedge for safely solar observation and photography.
298.00 €
Compact Solar Whitelight Binoculars 8 x 32 by Lunt.
219.00 €
Lunt Anti-Reflex Filter for LS100 THa / DSII
250.00 €
Lunt Anti-Reflex Filter for LS80 THa / DSII
290.00 €
This Ca-K module can be used at the LS130THa/B1200 and LS130THa/B1800 telescopes to observe the Sun also in the Calcium-K line. 
2242.00 €
The LS130THa/B3400 telescopes can be upgraded with this optional Ca-K module and conversion kit.
2563.00 €
The new Lunt Eyepiece Series - optimized for H-Alpha Solar Observations.
97.00 €
The new Lunt Eyepiece Series - optimized for H-Alpha Solar Observations.
97.00 €
At very cold temperatures, blocking filters may no longer work accurately central in the H-alpha wavelength, which means that the details on the sun become less visible.
295.00 €
The LS130THa/B3400 telescopes can be upgraded with this conversion kit. This allows to explore the Sun at different wavelengths with one and the same telescope ...
480.00 €
Complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 130mm aperture and <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. With Feather-Touch focuser, advanced air-pressure tuning system, and B1200 Blocking Filter.
10525.00 €