Maksutov Cassegrain


In the Maksutov-Cassegrain, the tube is closed by a meniscus lens. This type of telescope is very powerful and can be offered in different aperture ratios.

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37731.09 €
Compact 100 mm Maksutov Cassegrain with f/14.
200.84 €
Compact 127 mm Maksutov Cassegrain with f/15.
306.72 €
This legendary Maksutov Tele Objective is perfect for astronomy photography and animal and sports photography.
314.29 €
Questar Duplex 3,5" Teleskop mit Pyrex Spiegel with Magnesium Fluorid Coating 
6008.40 €
Excellent optics for astronomical and nature viewing
348.74 €
Excellent optics for astronomical and nature viewing
226.05 €
High-quality Maksutov-Cassegrain mirror telescope. The small all-round telescope with the great performance.
780.67 €
The largest Maksutov Cassegrain by Skywatcher 
1054.62 €
Very practical and small 90 mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope
175.63 €
289.92 €