Off-axis Guider/Radialguider:

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Spare prism for TS Optics Off Axis Guider TSOAG16 and TSOAG9G2 With the short-design off axis guiders the prism is relatively exposed. So it can happen that it is gets damaged if the OAG is dropped accidentally. Here, we offer a spare that is mounted quick an easily. Also suitable for all TSOAG9EOS which have been sold from July 2018.

Item condition: new and original packed

24.37 €
TS Optics Canon EOS Adapter for off-axis guiders TSOAG9 and TSOAG16

Item condition: new, but not original packed

21.01 €
TS Optics stable Off Axis Guider TSOAG16 with only 16 mm length. The TSOAG16 is a development from Teleskop Service for all astrophotographers who have relatively little space between focuser and camera and use a heavy CCD camera or full-frame DSLR camera.

Item condition: new and original packed

78.07 €