Polar Finders

Polar Finder Scopes

The polar finder telescope is the most important optical aid for the exact polar alignment of your mount. A well-functioning alignment and an exact GoTo are only possible with correct polar alignment.

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90° comfortable View with additional magnification for polar finders
87.40 €
ALccd-QHY PoleMaster
309.24 €
Precise and comfortable Lacerta Polarfinder with Off Axis Bracket for Polarie Mount.
116.81 €
Precise and comfortable original Vixen Polarfinder for Polarie Mount.
187.40 €
Polarfinder for the new Skywatcher EQ8 mount.
133.61 €
The new Skywatcher Polarscope Illuminator for EQ3-2 and EQ5 Mounts Adventurer.
27.73 €
Polarfinder Scope for the new Skywatcher AZ-EQ5GT Mount.
80.67 €
Skywatcher Polar viewfinder for EQ3-2 Mount
41.18 €
Skywatcher Polar viewfinder for EQ5 Mount
41.18 €