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Powerful 5A 12 Volt Power Supply by APM.
29.90 €
Portable power storage (mobile power bank) in maxi format from BRESSER. With a powerful and recharcheable 155Wh lithium-ion battery and various connection options ...
149.00 €
Practically Powerpack with Solar Charger to use the Quark autark.
119.00 €
Compact, short-circuit-proof power supply with high output
69.95 €
The PegasusAstro UPB V2 provides a safe and well-arranged power supply for your telescope, mount and camera.
616.00 €
The big Skywatcher 17Ah Power Tank 12V.
150.00 €
The small Skywatcher 7Ah Power Tank 12V.
75.00 €
Skywatcher Replacement Part - 12V Power Cable for AZ-EQ6 Mount..
29.00 €
The battery dummy fits directly into your camera and ensures a stable power supply
39.00 €