Prism & Diagonals

APM Prisms and Star Diagonals

Star Diagonals and prisms are manufactured by APM-Telescopes in the highest quality. As a rule, the mirror surfaces are made on L / 10. The optical surfaces are all ultra-broadband. The robust housing is precision CNC-milled. The accessories are securely held with the modern 2-inch APM quick-release clamp. The eyepiece 2 "accessories are held tightly over the entire surface by means of ring clamping.

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APM 2 inch DiagonalPrism with centering clamping and CNC milled
195.00 €
This CNC milled 2 inch star diagonal meets the highest quality standards
145.00 €
APM 2 inch Erect-Image-prism with fast-lock and ultra broadband coating
295.00 €
APM Deluxe Diagonal Mirror 2"
125.00 €