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The Starwave 102 ED-R refractor has a doublet ED lens system with a premium FPL53 ED glass element, super-high transmission coating on all air-to-glass surfaces for higher contrast.
965.00 €
The Starwave 80 EDT-R refractor has a triplet ED lens system with a premium Japanese Hoya FCD-100 ED glass element, with equivalent Abbe number to FPL53.
1069.00 €
The Starwave 80ED-R is a more compact and refined version of the orginal Starwave 80ED. It has improved optics in the form of an S-FPL53 based doublet objective lens providing superior colour correction, and a lighter more compact tube with a "Rack and Pinion" geared focuser.
725.00 €
Featuring Genuine ED optics, the Starwave ASCENT 80mm F7 ED Doublet refractor has an 80mm objective lens capable of both visual observation and wide-field imaging in one telescope. 
459.00 €