Track The Stars (TTS)

We make stargazing easier

Track The Stars is a privately-held company located in Denmark. Establish in 2004, we develop, manufacture and sell advanced mountings for astronomical telescopes. Unlike other telescope mountings, Track The Stars combines unique Danish design and innovative drive technology to deliver a quality mount for the amateur astronomer who values convenience, portability and precision.
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Counterweight set 2×4 kg for TTS-160
285.00 €
Counterweight set 2×8 kg for TTS-160
418.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Mount head
3564.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Mount head
6829.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Topmount, Arms
499.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Mount head Visual Package
5583.00 €
Counterweight set 2×4 kg for TTS-300
249.00 €
Counterweight set 2×8 kg for TTS-300
400.00 €
TTS-300 Mammoth Mount head
15129.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Pier Adapter
199.00 €
TTS-160 Panther Pier Extension
199.00 €
Side mount dovetail saddle Losmandy size

131.00 €